Sandra Dulier is a French-language author and poet who is increasingly being translated into English on social media. As a self-published poet and author, her books are currently only available in French. This site is thus intended to allow you to discover her writings and poetry in the language of Shakespeare.

Here are already 10 quotes from Sandra Dulier :

  1. In the dust of words, dreams are born.
  2. Reading is experiencing those subtle moments of time for oneself.
  3. Old books have the fragrance of forgotten words.
  4. If I were to draw a note on the piano of life, it would be that low 'C' that beauty envies.
  5. Life is a mountain, but the stars are so beautiful to look at.
  6. Life is not a long calm river, but it offers some islands of tenderness.
  7. To love is to give life a chance to harmonize two universes.
  8. Love is simply necessary to make two beings resonate.
  9. Words of love are letters from the heart.
  10. In the grace of snowflakes, imagination dances.

Sandra Dulier is also known for a powerful text, shared more than 100,000 times in French across all social media platforms. I offer its translation in English here :

Detach yourself from the gaze of others. Move forward and forget. You are rare and precious: let no one sow doubt in you. Yes, you are a woman of worth. Courageous and radiant, spread your wings. Only you know the way. Only you know. It's your battle. Do not stain your thoughts with gloomy minds. Stay clear. The people who love you understand. Distance the rest. You're just someone good. Breathe. Write. Be colors under the pen. You still have infinity ahead of you. It's life's necessary sorting. Bonds are being created. They are your future wealth. Nothing is lost; everything is transformed. Meaning is there. A stripped-down life, but Love at the center…

The English site is gradually being built.

Thank you for your patience.


Sandra Dulier, Plume Funambule
Tightrope-Walking Feather