Saint-Valentin : la collection pour Bullet Journal

  • Le Ven 08 fév 2019
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5 citations pour la Saint-Valentin à imprimer pour décorer son Bullet Journal. Cœur, lettering, scrapbooking, graphisme, citation.





Une rencontre est toujours un miracle lové dans un regard. Citation Saint Valentin de Sandra Dulier.


L'amour n'est pas folie, l'amour est vie. Saint Valentin, citation Sandra Dulier.


Aimer, c'est donner à la vie une chance d'harmoniser deux univers. Saint-Valentin, citation Sandra Dulier


Tu comètes mes jours, Tu lunes mon coeur, Tu envoiles mes nuits. Citation Saint-Valentin de  Sandra Dulier.


L'amour n'est pas réflexion, L'amour est émotion, L'amour est juste nécessaire à faire vibrer deux êtres. Citation Sandra Dulier, Saint-Valentin.





Sandra Dulier, Plume Funambule





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  • Sean Brixton
    • 1. Sean Brixton Le Jeu 28 nov 2019
    Hi Sandra,

    I find you poem that includes the sentences below very beautiful!!

    "Tu envoiles mes nuits
    Tu solaires ma vie"

    If that's OK with you, I would like to use them on the birth card of our daughter?

    Could you maybe also translate these sentences to the best of your abilities in English for us please? This way me and my wife can translate them properly for friends and family when asked.

    Thanks a lot!
    • Sandra Dulier
      • Sandra DulierLe Jeu 28 nov 2019
      Hello, I am not very good at English, but here is my proposal following your message. "You are the sail of a boat named dream, you are the solar light of our life." It is difficult to translate literally here. So I built the text differently. If I analyze this quote, there is the opposition between sails (tu envoiles) and sun (tu solaires), but also the momentum of the play of word between sail (voile) and flight (envol). I am already delighted by the pleasure offered by these few lines. Thank you for your request. Did my answer help you ? Congratulations on the birth of your daughter.

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